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If you’re hankering for the feel of old school technology, the flashlight form-factor of this range of survival gear will do more than scratch that itch.

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Carrying booze can be bulky business...

Top Gear Magazine VSSL

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A pretty comprehensive selection of survival gear

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Introducing VSSL Flask

April 03, 2015

Today we officially launched VSSL Flask on Kickstarter ...

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VSSL Gear in Men's Fitness

February 11, 2015

Men's Fitness selected the Top 50 "Must Have" fitness gadgets for 2015 and VSSL was in the Top 10 (we're definitely bragging here).

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Shipping and Staff

December 11, 2014

SHIPPING - Good News! It looks like we'll get some orders out before Christmas ...

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VSSL First Aid and Shelter were both showcased by Al Roker this past Thursday morning.

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We love our products!  But when a very influential site like coolmaterial.com does a thorough product review, you get a bit nervous ...

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VSSL Outdoor Utility Tools (and their inventor) were showcased on a popular lifestyle TV show in Vancouver.

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VSSL Kickstarter - Success!

October 23, 2014

Thanks to all of you who followed our Kickstarter campaign.  We set out to raise $25,000 and ended up with over $75,000!  


The success of the campaign allows us to iron out manufacturing/assembly protocols with a much larger trial order.  We're pretty excited about this as there is no better way to validate your supply chain and your manufacturing procedures than by producing a volume order.

We are working hard to get all our orders (pre-orders and our Kickstarter orders) out as soon as possible.  We don't have a ship date yet, but we'll let everyone know as soon as that date arrives.