VSSL JAVA Goes to New Depths

VSSL JAVA Goes to New Depths

JAVA Grinder Takes on Submarine Life

We love seeing people use their VSSL products in cool and unique locations. When we received a product review from Jericho Hasselbush an Electrical Division Chief of a US Navy nuclear powered submarine, we reached out. We wanted to hear more from Jericho, and his experience on deployment as it related to our VSSL Java coffee grinder.    

Thanks Jericho!  


Limited space, so quality gear is important 
Living on a submarine presents its own set of unique circumstances, tight quarters and limited storage being the most obvious. Prioritizing what to bring along for a six-month deployment - think underwater camping, or space station - can be a challenging art. Stops are few and far between for replacements and other things that you can normally drive to your local market for. Clothes, toiletries and other items must be limited to the approximate volume of the green duffle bags you see military members carrying at airports. A busted set of headphones or coffee grinder can lead to a very depressing day. The small size, robust build and quality of the VSSL Java Grinder make it a perfect fit for a unique environment. 


Coffee onboard is essential! 
Navy coffee isn't typically thought of as coffee. It's government coffee and it may get the job done, but it isn't pretty. Options are limited to Burnt Starbucks, Old Folgers, or Stale Maxwell House. Coffee residue in cups is sometimes boasted about, but let's be honest, nobody really likes that. Traveling with your own beans is vital if you want a cup of coffee that doesn't make you suffer. Coffee is as important for the Navy as neutrons are for a nuclear reactor. Coffee is always there when people are standing long watches, fixing broken equipment, attending monotonous training, or executing classified missions. Without fail. 


Durable equipment in unique environments is critical. 
Every day I made two or more cups of coffee or espresso if we were feeling fancy. On my last deployment, the Java Grinder kept me sane. It is rugged and so well built, the only way to break it is to break it on purpose. Easily choosing the grind size combined with the right amount of beans makes it perfect to get the coffee you want. Alongside a WACACO portable hand-press espresso machine, we felt like we had our own coffee shop in the engine room. The grinder is quiet and has lasted over two years at this point. I use it daily at home before dawn because it won't wake up my family at 0445. 



There are few “comforts” from home you can bring with you on a sub, the ones you can bring are very important – coffee is one of those! 
Packing some of your own favorites for underway is key in remaining connected to the world while away. Nothing beats a cup of freshly ground coffee. Quality beans is important to a good cup of coffee as well. Having spent the first 13 years of my career in the Pacific Northwest, we grew fond of Stumptown Coffee, and having those beans ready to grind while under the Northern Atlantic Ocean made all the difference!     

VSSL, where were you when I first joined the Navy, 19 years ago?       


Jericho Hasselbush 
ELCPO - Electrical Division Chief / US NAVY 




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