5 EDC items for your First Aid

5 EDC items for your First Aid

Todd’s Tips: 5 EDC Items 

Time is often a rare commodity, so I want to make sure that my gear choices enable the continuation of an adventure if something goes wrong. Quite often, it’s a first-aid related issue that can cut a trip short. So, with that in mind, here are my top five first-aid items to carry in your Stash.

1. Water Purification: A few years back I completed an AWFA (Advanced Wilderness First Aid) certification, and I was surprised to find out that one of the most common backcountry “medical emergencies” cutting a trip short is gastrointestinal related. Now, I always make sure my kit includes water purification tablets as dirty water is a primary cause. A bamboo cloth which has antimicrobial properties, paired with soap helps as well, as unclean hands are the second most common cause. 

2. Blister Care: We’ve all had them, and we might not think much of them until one happens while you’re still several miles from your destination. One of the worst things about a blister is how they can affect your ability to sleep! A wound sticking to bedding isn’t fun, and a sleep deprived person is also more prone to other injuries. I always have blister treatment that I place on a hot spot before it becomes a full-blown blister. Read below for another VSSL staffer’s pick for blister treatment. 

3. Bandages: The 2nd most common injury that can hinder a trip is a cut, even a relatively small one. Finger cuts can be pretty debilitating, and not having a proper way to clean them can lead to rapid infection. Simple bandages (or even tape) can quickly remedy this situation. 

4. Tape: Speaking of tape, this is actually our top-selling first aid item. Ironically, when I was making our VSSL First Aid kit, I polled medical experts on what contents to include, and they unanimously said a good roll of tape! So, we went on a several year journey into making our own. It's awesome stuff and my kit always has some. You can use it for splinting, bandaging, closing a wound, covering a blister, and more. You can also patch a jacket or tent and make backcountry fixes too numerous to list.

5. Emergency Whistle: Here’s something incredibly important that people often forget in their first aid EDC: A Whistle! It’s essential for signalling for help if you’re injured. Your voice simply doesn’t carry far enough, and long-term yelling can actually dehydrate you. A whistle, on the other hand, can be blown loud and clear and carries for miles to alert rescuers or your adventure partners where you are and that you’re in distress.

More ideas from the VSSL Team:

Liz: Kids chewable fever and pain - These always go in my kit, whether camping or on a car trip, you never know when you're kid is going to go down with something, and having this type of medication all in one safe (and dry) spot is a life saver!

Darren: Gummy Worms - quick source of sugar/energy. Also good if you have young kids that lose focus or motivation to continue on. Can't tell you how many hikes these little tasty treats saved. Both with an energy and emotional boost!

Ashley: Compeed® Blister Strips - These will change your life. Discovered while hiking in Scotland - these saved my feet and my good vibes. I always keep these close at hand and in any first aid kit!

Even more inspo:

Here are some other options customers have shared with our team about customizing their VSSL EDC Stash products.


  • Coffee Beans to fill JAVA! 
  • Safety Pins  
  • Bandages  
  • Glasses Repair Kit  
  • Pain Reliever  
  • Hand Sanitizer 
  • Charging Cords  
  • Zip Ties 
  • Dental Floss  

    What will you fill the handy aluminum refillable tins with to make sure you’re prepared? The opportunities are endless! 




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