Behind The Design: The Nest Collection

Behind The Design: The Nest Collection



There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee to start your day off right. It is a ritual, an ancient one, that helps us set off and do amazing things. From the prep for an adventure to the setting of goals for the workday, coffee is a part of who we are. 

At VSSL our experience with coffee was one of necessity. Those cold, early morning hikes and hunts were made slightly more approachable when our hands were wrapped around a steaming hot cup of java. But during our time outside, we saw an opportunity. While having our morning ritual was important, the coffee was lacking. We needed a better brew. So, we set off on a journey to engineer the perfect cup, built for life outside. With an unwavering drive to build innovative gear for outdoor enthusiasts we developed the NEST Collection

With the JAVA G25 Grinder at the heart of the system, we built around our success within coffee and brought you a compact, integrated, pour over system that offers double-walled insulation and everything you need to create the perfect cup of coffee anywhere your adventures may take you.


A great cup of coffee outside is easy to describe and hard to replicate. We saw an opportunity to bring the love of coffee into a consistent experience that can travel with you. Great coffee is a science. NEST puts the power in your hands to get a perfect brew quickly and easily, ever time. This system delivers no matter where you brew your cup. Built for portability and consistency, the NEST System makes is easy for anyone elevate their coffee experience. 


Thus, the NEST Collection was born. 

Did you know that the angle of the V60 dripper influences the taste profile in your pour over?  

here was emphasis on working with coffee experts to refine all features to satisfy the most discerning taste. The craftsmanship is intentional and subtle as you turn the knob to grind beans with precision in the JAVA G25. Each detail meticulously thought out, down to the reusable filter made of recycled stainless steel. Keeping versatility at the forefront, a second mug was added to create extra space for bean storage.  

The goal was clear – offer outdoor enthusiasts a modular, space-saving, unified set of tools ideal for various adventures, whether overland expeditions, van life, or simply hitting the open road.  NEST represents the VSSL commitment to innovation, engineering excellence, and the joy of the great outdoors.   


Where will you take your NEST?  





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