VSSL x FCS Surf Supply Kit

VSSL x FCS Surf Supply Kit

What’s Inside the VSSL x FCS Surf Supply Kit—And How It Could Save Your Surf Trip.

Consider this light and compact kit a coastal essential. 

Seeking remote, people-free surf breaks will take you into some rugged coast line. It’s in places like that, well off the beaten path and far from town, that you need to practice some self-reliance and to pack smart. 

We live for backcountry adventures like riding remote waves and design gear specifically to keep us safe and thriving in those sometimes-inhospitable environments. That goes double for our collaboration with experts in surf, FCS. There are four curated supply tins in the VSSL x FCS Surf Supply Kit. Here are their contents and how they can save the day. 

The Surf / SUP Repair Tin 

Perform a variety of trip-saving gear fixes in the field 

6 Tenacious Tapes: Rip or puncture your wetsuit? Keep small tears from getting bigger while you finish your session with these ultra-tough peal-and-stick patches. 

3 Puka Patches + Buff Pad: The near-magical Puka Patch seals dings on surfboards, SUPs, and kayaks instantly. The patch even sticks to surf wax and wet surfaces. Slap it on and continue your session.  

Phix Doctor Resin: This UV-activated repair resin with sanding paper and a plastic applicator delivers a more permanent fix to dings. Perfect to have on longer trips.  

Thumb Screw + Plate: Secure long board and SUP fins. 

6 FCS Fin Screws: Backup fin screws for when those little guys loosen and get lost. 

FCS Fin Key: Tighten or replace a fin screw with this tiny key.  

Bamboo Wax Comb: Get better traction by removing old wax and applying new—or by roughing up old wax. You can do both with this comb.  

3 Zip Ties: You can reattach a busted leash and myriad other potential fixes. The possible uses for these nearly-weightless zip ties are just about endless.  

The Wound Cover Tin 

Provide first aid for minor wounds   

6 Wound Closure Strips: An improved butterfly bandage for lacerations and deeper wounds. 

4 Bandages: Two large and two small adhesive bandages for minor abrasion coverage. 

The Citronella Candle Tin 

Warm up cold digits, deter bugs, and more with this beeswax candle.  

1 Candle: This lightweight candle has a 4-hour burn time, provides some heat and light. It can also help with fire starting and deter nearby bugs. Here are a few more uses.  

The Fire Striker Kit Tin 

No matches or lighter? No problem with this little rig. 

1 Ferro Rod (flint): A fire-striking rod that will throw sparks even when wet. 

1 Ceramic Striker: Fully custom ceramic blade striking tool in cast zinc alloy case. Good for thousands of strikes—and since it’s ceramic, you can travel through airport security with it.  

5 Tinder Quick-Fire Starting Tabs: Custom waterproof tinder tabs to make fire-starting easy. Get the low-down on how our founder Todd designed this tool here.  


Adventure Tape  

Consider tape an essential. You can repair gear and apparel with it. You can use it for first aid situations like blisters and wound care. And, we offer ours in bright colors so you can mark trails or gear caches with it too.   


Integrated into the base of the VSSL is a water resistant, 200 lumen lantern. It has four modes (high, low, red, and SOS). It’ll run for 20+ hours continuously or 40+ in SOS mode.    

The VSSL Itself 

The large water-tight, military grade aluminum cylinder houses the kits and keeps them dry. At 7.5” tall and 2” wide, it slides easily in a pack. It comes with a screw-top lid, and you can further customize your VSSL and restock tins too.  




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