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VSSL x Salmon Sisters Collaboration

Emma Laukitis and Claire Neaton’s childhood was spent playing outside with dirt-covered hands and learning from their parents. The two sisters were raised on the tip of the Alaskan Peninsula on a remote homestead, spending their formative years in the rhythm of the fishing and harvest seasons. As high schoolers, Emma and Claire began working with their dad on his commercial fishing boat. There, the “Salmon Sisters” were born.

“We wanted to create artwork that represented all the things we loved about Alaska and living, and working on the water, as well as gear for the women in the fishing industry,” says Claire. Growing up, the pair were always trying to fit into men’s fishing boots and clothes — it never felt like young or female fishers were much considered as a part of the seafood harvesting workforce. “Most of our girlfriends spent the summers fishing on their family salmon boats, and our first designs celebrated the ocean and our peers working hard on the water,” adds Emma.

So, in 2012, they went to work in creating what the fishing industry was missing.

Running a small business is no small feat, let alone running one in Alaksa. There are many moving parts — all supported by a small team (most of whom head to the water for the summer salmon and halibut season). Their deep-rooted community connection drives them forward in their efforts to create purposeful products, encouraging people to go outdoors and feel empowered by nature. “We love creating artwork, designs and gear that people resonate with and are proud to wear — and getting healthy good fish onto people’s plates.”

We couldn’t agree more. Which is why VSSL is celebrating the Salmon Sisters’ 10th anniversary with a limited-edition VSSL x Salmon Sisters Camp Supplies collaboration, featuring an original design by Emma and Claire, as well as over 70 pieces of our favorite hand-selected, tried-and-true outdoor essentials.

It’s important to be prepared for anything in our shared beautiful, yet unforgiving landscape, which is why we felt a connection to this partnership and product,” says Emma. “We love the VSSL products because they are portable, compact, and well-designed tools for the everyday adventurer.”

Not only stewards of the land and sea, the Salmon Sisters also give back to their community. As founders of the Give Fish Project, they donate at least 1% of profits in the form of wild fish to the Food Bank of Alaska annually, helping to keep food on the table for those in their community who need it most.

Check out the exclusive VSSL x Salmon Sisters Camp Supplies (and don’t forget to peek at their Wild Fish Boxes and cookbooks, too)!




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