At VSSL, we believe in thoughtful and innovative design. We believe that everything you carry should serve a purpose and — if possible — more than one. We use the principles of modularity to create customizable configurations that tailors solutions for your specific need.

Sitting around a campfire, sipping a few beverages with friends from our first-generation Flask, we asked ourselves, “What would it take to make the best outdoor flask possible?”

Given the progression and standards in technology we pondered; “Why can’t a flask be insulated?” And while we’re at it, why not have two fully leak-proof drinking configurations? And since no one we know is actually stowing a flask in a hip pocket, let's develop a flip carabiner end cap to provide various carry options. We had it!

Until the music playing in the background of our discussion sounded the alarm: Let’s build a speaker directly into a flask.

And so became our newest addition to the VSSL lineup. We are pleased to introduce: Insulated Flask.

To create Insulated Flask, we partnered with Speaqua to make a weatherproof Bluetooth speaker, integrated it into one of our patented End Cap designs, and put it all together into a beautiful device you’ll be proud to show off around the campfire.

And it is sleek, if we do say so ourselves. “I wanted to create something for the moments in between,” Todd Weimer, VSSL Founder, says. “For several years now we’ve been making equipment to help adventurers survive the journey. But what about something that facilitates a moment to pause, to gather with friends and to enjoy the experience? That’s what our new Insulated Flask is all about.”

Now we get to share the world’s most innovative Flask for outdoor use with you. Here’s why we think you’ll love it.


The scalloped design creates sound channels and allows the speaker to sit upright without sacrificing great sound quality.

2. MULTI-PURPOSE FLASK CAP: The proprietary flask cap facilitates two drinking methods and alternative ways to carry/secure the flask. End cap removal makes for easy filling (no funnels needed!) and cleaning.

3. USB-C: While becoming the standard, many speakers still use micro-USB. A USB-C connector is smaller and reversible so it’s easier to plug in. Plus, it carries significantly more power and charges faster.

We’ve been working hard at developing Insulated Flask over the past 3 years, designing and refining every detail. This is more than a flask. The VSSL Insulated Flask is a drink experience and a tool for connection; with nature and the people around you.

The History of the VSSL Flask

2015 – First version of flask (non-insulated, with light)

2017 – VSSL met with Stevie Patsis, the Founder of Speaqua, at Outdoor Retailer. Discussions about a proprietary VSSL/Speaqua end cap began.

– Began R&D for an integrated “flip carabiner” end cap

– Inception for Flask + Speaker concept Began R&D for an insulated, double walled stainless steel flask Began R&D with Speaqua for an integrated BT speaker

Filed patents for integrated flip carabiner attachment device R&D for Incorporating this mechanism into a drinking end cap

– First Prototypes arrived (late 2021)

– 2nd round of Prototypes, and Kickstarter Launch

– Commercial launch


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