My Favorite Blend of Traditions: Coffee & Deer Hunting

As I stand in the quiet embrace of the forest, the first light of day starts illuminating the horizon. My business—born from a love for the outdoors and the heritage of hunting—owes much to the traditions that shape the deer hunting experience. And at the heart of these early mornings coffee is a companion that's just as vital as any piece of gear. 

In my journey as the founder of a company that blends the rich and diverse worlds of hunting and coffee, I’ve discovered that the role of coffee transcends the warmth of the cup.

The Wake-Up Call of the Wild

The anticipation of the hunt serves as my natural alarm, but it's the brewing of coffee that truly awakens the day's potential. I made a handheld coffee grinder to ensure that I had fresh and delicious coffee on my outings. Now, even at home, I’m finding the ritual of preparing my coffee by hand to be an important start to my day. As for coffee, it sharpens my focus and dispels the remnants of sleep!


In our company, we recognize that a caffeinated jolt not only warms the body but also the soul, preparing us for the patience and vigilance required for the hunt.

A Thermos of Comfort

I’m generally restless, I prefer “spot and stalk” hunting to stands. But either method requires long moments of stillness and I’ve found the warmth of coffee a most welcomed silent companion. And here, in the natural quiet, a sip of coffee is a comforting ritual that connects me to the world we’re a part of. It’s not just about physical warmth; it's about the psychological comfort that helps us remain still and alert during the long hours of watchfulness.

The Storyteller’s Brew

Coffee is the lifeblood of our hunting tales and shared experiences. In our camps and gatherings over the years, it's over a cup of hot coffee that the day’s stories unfold. These narratives are becoming the oral history of VSSL and our community, teaching and entertaining in equal measure.


My role as a founder extends to fostering this sense of community, encouraging the exchange of knowledge and the strengthening of ties over a shared love for coffee and hunting. It’s through these cups that wisdom and passion are passed down, and legacies are built.

A Sip Towards Conservation

The synergy between coffee and hunting extends to a shared responsibility towards conservation. As a business, we make conscious choices in how our products are made, supporting sustainable practices. By aligning with partners that prioritize environmentally responsible initiatives, we contribute to sustainability, going as far as ensuring our new Nest products contain no less than 80% recycled stainless steel… and we’re one of a small tribe of companies to do this.


This dedication to conservation is not just a business decision; it's a reflection of our ethos.


From the Founder’s Perspective

The connection between coffee and hunting is a heritage that we’re proud to uphold and evolve within our company. It's not merely a hot beverage; it’s an essential link to our hunting culture in Canada — a tradition that adapts while holding steadfast to its timeless roots.


As I look forward to the years ahead, I celebrate the simplicity and significance of a cup of coffee. It's not just part of our routine; it’s a core element of the experience we provide—a tribute to the timeless union of coffee and hunting that fuels our passion and our purpose.


- Todd Weimer





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