Behind the Design: Java G25 + Java G45

Behind the Design: Java G25 + Java G45

How do you take a fan favorite to the next level? You turn customer feedback into an upgraded version. 

Say hello to the refreshed JAVA G25 Grinder and the all-new double capacity JAVA G45 Grinder

VSSL first introduced the JAVA Hand Grinder back in 2020. Our founder Todd, originally garnered design inspiration from a trip to Utah. He had started noticing hand grinders popping up in outdoor stores but hadn't fully grasped the importance of fresh ground coffee. 

Todd and the product team would later realize that no one should settle for mediocre coffee on the road. VSSL is no stranger to diving in deep, innovating, and forging our own path forward. 

Here are a few noteworthy updates to the Java Grinders …  

JAVA G25 Grinder - Noteworthy Improvements:

Built 2mm smaller in diameter, this allows for a compact fit in the Nest Pour Over Kit and a reduced diameter now allows the grinder to fit inside the AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Press

Aluminum Grind Catch: Increased grind capacity to approximately 30g depending on the beans roast.

In our company, we recognize that a caffeinated jolt not only warms the body but also the soul, preparing us for the patience and vigilance required for the hunt.

Grind Handle Knob Storage Attachment: The handle knob can be threaded inside the aluminum grind catch for a secure knob storage solution – so long rattle!

JAVA G45 Grinder – Noteworthy Product Details: 

Increased the size of the high carbon stainless steel conical burrs and dual bearings to maintain an estimated 60 second grind time.

Aluminum Grind Catch: Holds approximately 50g of grinds, which is ideal for two cups of coffee.

The improved JAVA G25 + all-new JAVA G45 grinders maintained many of the original attributes:

  • Push Button Release Top Cap: Allowing for quick access to the bean hopper.
  • Multipurpose Carabiner with Extendable Grinder Handle: Allowing for a secure attachment paired with increased force when grinding. 
  • Magnetized Hand Grip Knob: Ensuring that as you grind, the knob sits securely on top of the extendable grinder handle. 
  • High Carbon Stainless Steel Conical Grinding Burrs: Erosion resistant material.
  • Dual Ball Bearings: Allowing for axle stability.
  • 50 Unique Adjustable Grind Settings: Accommodating almost every brewing method.
  • Brush Included: Intended to help clean your Java Grinder.
  • Felt Carrying Case: Intended to protect your Java Grinder on the go.

Precision in every turn. Perfection in every cup. 




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