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Megan Hine


There's only one woman in the world with Megan Hine's credentials; author, speaker, survivalist, bushcraft expert, climbing and mountain guide and celebrity expedition leader. Her go-to VSSL is the new First Aid.

My best friend Megan is the most incredible bushcraft, climbing and mountain guide you’ll ever meet. She’s stronger than 99 percent of the men I know, she’s incredible.

Bear Grylls

Durability Matters

Megan's been caught in the crossfire of warring tribes in Kenya, stalked by lions, bitten by snakes, caught in avalanches and has led hundreds of adventures across the globe to many remote locations.

If anyone understands the importance of having durable gear, it’s Megan. The last thing she, or anyone, needs to be worrying about is her kit falling apart when she needs it most. That’s why Megan chooses to carry VSSL First Aid with her on expeditions around the globe.


VSSL First Aid to me is about durability. It’s built for extreme environments. It's been with me all over the world because you cannot break it, it’s Megan proof!

Megan Hine

Built For Extreme Environments

Made of military-grade aluminum, this kit is tough. VSSL First Aid can take a beating and keep the gear inside dry and intact for when you need it most.

Optimal Organization

Our new custom first aid roll keeps things perfectly organized while making it easy to access the gear you need no matter the situation.

First Aid For Adventure

⁠This isn't your typical kit; a lot of time was spent testing all the contents and consulting with military and first responders on what a quality kit of this size should hold.

The components inside cover first aid issues you typically face in the great outdoors. There are a lot of high-quality components you won't find in other medical kits.⁠

The end result is an unparalleled first aid kit for this size. Our goal is to make sure that our VSSL First Aid kit has everything you need to keep your adventure going!

Megan's VSSL Of Choice

VSSL First Aid

This isn't your typical first aid kit. Completely waterproof, a sleek compact design, adventure-ready durability, and a curated set of outdoor specific first aid components mean that you can count on your VSSL First Aid to be ready when you need it most.


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