VSSL JAVA Grind Guide for 2023

VSSL JAVA Grind Guide for 2023

One of the most frequent questions we get is “does your grinder work for espresso?”. The answer is yes! We worked extremely hard to make sure the tolerance and stability of the mechanisms would allow for finer espresso grinds. And while espresso drinkers might know their preferred grind size, we realize a lot of people are not as familiar with many of the coffee nuances. Fortunately VSSL Java comes with 50 grind settings, allowing for grind size to cover the entire range of brewing methods.


Your VSSL Java comes pre-set with a default coarse grind setting. This is indicated with the grinding adjustment dial aligned to the top of the grinding bolt. To adjust for finer grinds, you simply turn the adjustment dial clockwise. What this does is closes the distance from the male burr part to the female burr part, resulting in finder grinds. Conversely, if you loosen the adjustment dial by turning it counterclockwise, the gap between the two parts increases, creating larger or coarser grinds.

Most people will want to adjust the grinds size to their desired brew method. It's easy to experiment. Just keep the grind catch off and grind a few rotations on a light colored surface. Have a look at the grinds and match the output to the grind size guide, and adjust accordingly.


For a quick reference, starting with your adjustment dial at default, turn approximately 10 clicks clockwise for grinds suited for pour over. Turn an additional 10 clicks clockwise for Aeropress. And if you happen to have forgotten your brew equipment, there's always Cowboy Coffee! This requires extra coarse grinds, which are achieved by rotating 10 clicks counterclockwise from the default setting. Just keep in mind that the carabiner end cap should be attached while you’re grinding.


And for you espresso connoisseurs, you’ll want to crank the dial all the way to tight (clockwise), then keep backing it off (counterclockwise) until you get the fine grinds you need.


Keep in mind that taste preferences aren't universal, so these dial settings are more guidelines than rules. Just be sure to dial your grinder in for your brew method before you get out on your adventure. You want to spend the time enjoying your coffee, not adjusting your equipment.


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