The Past Inspiring The Future

The Past Inspiring The Future

Recently I came across a box of my dad's old slides that he had taken on a 35mm camera during his travels in his 20’s. From ancient Egypt and the Swiss alps to Nicaragua during the 70’s revolution. Looking inside those little slide cartons, I was transported into my dad's past life of inspiring adventure, his love for the outdoors and world travel, and his keen eye for a story.

Maybe it has to do with the fact that I'm a new father myself, but as I looked through those frozen moments in time that my dad had candidly captured through his lens, it hit me just how much his past played a role in shaping my future.


I’ve been a photographer and producer for the last 7 years. Over that time, my camera has opened the door to experiences all over the globe, more than a few wild adventures, and most importantly, the chance to tell incredible stories of people from all walks of life.

I suppose it has taken me having my own son to really reflect on the deeply important role a father plays in shaping a son's life. My current passions and vocation have so clearly been shaped by a father living a life that has inspired my own.

Although I'll never stop being my father’s son, it’s my time to be a dad and to live that example for my own son. It’s wild to think that I will now take him to the same magical outdoor spaces that my dad once took me. He taught me to climb my first mountain, to go down my first river, to capture my first moment, and now it will be me passing the love of the outdoors to my son in those same places—coming full circle.


And someday, if my son stumbles upon a box of old photographs containing my own years of adventure, I can only hope that those same sparks which were passed on to me will ignite something within him.


- Dawson, VSSL Staff Photographer

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