The Inspiration Behind VSSL JAVA

The Inspiration Behind VSSL JAVA

VSSL is all about maximizing pack space for the outdoors. Whether you’re on a human-powered mission or overlanding, space is a precious commodity. But even with limitations, there are certain things you’d rather not compromise. For us, that has always been primarily about safety and making sure you’re properly prepared for wherever the road takes you.

A few years back, we introduced the VSSL Flask. When people asked me why we made a flask, I liked to say that it was all part of a plan to bookend your adventures. We have the tools to get you safely through your day’s pursuits, but we wanted to be a part of the celebration when the sun goes down. With VSSL Flask, one of our bookend necessities was complete.




Years back, my wife and I were travelling through Utah when I noticed various hand grinders popping up at outdoor stores. At the time, I didn’t even realize how essential evenly hand-ground beans are to the quality of coffee you end up with. As it turns out, the consistency of your grind is everything – so why were so many of us settling for mediocrity on the road? The pursuit of excellence has always been a motivating factor for VSSL. And I knew we had the innovative team necessary to make the best hand grinder on the market. So, our other bookend to your adventures began to take shape.



After years of research, testing, challenges, and learning, we are ready to share the VSSL JAVA with the Kickstarter world and finally improve our collective outdoor coffee game, one cup at a time.

Cheers to that! 

– Todd, VSSL Founder

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