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A Note From Todd - VSSL JAVA

The VSSL JAVA Kickstarter is Fully Funded!

We couldn’t have done it without you.

As a project creator, there’s always a chance that people aren’t going to like what you make. But you plug away anyways. When things get tough and you encounter barriers that seem insurmountable, that nagging voice pops into your head - making you question whether you should keep going or just throw in the towel. But you push through anyways.

I’ve always been motivated by simply seeing where an idea can go - even if people don’t like it. There’s so much satisfaction to be found in the act of making something. Seeing your ideas that were once just drawn on paper come to life in physical form. Of course, the greatest satisfaction comes from making something that resonates - that people like and want to buy.

As fun as it is to dream up exciting ideas, the reality is that we have a business to run. It’s about so much more than creating cool products. We’ve got bills to pay, employees who support their families - not to mention production costs. So you set a goal, and you run a campaign. For us, it was $25k. That gets us to our first production deposit. But in reality, you want more… and you sure hope for more.

Needless to say, when we hit our campaign goal ONE HOUR after it went live, I was pretty overwhelmed. This product that started out as a simple dream is being so well received! And now I have the gift of knowing that it will go to production and become a reality. And for a creator, that’s incredibly exciting.

So to all of you who got on board our first day, cheers to you! I sincerely appreciate folks like you fueling VSSL’s entrepreneurial endeavors. I can’t wait to get these amazing hand coffee grinders into production and into your hands!

Many thanks,


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