The evolution of VSSL Supply Tins

The evolution of VSSL Supply Tins

Our flagship VSSL Camp Supplies holds nine of our Supply Tins. That’s a lot of components, and each one gives you the supplies you need to perform a series of tasks, from making a fire to mending a rip in your jacket. It definitely earned the nickname "Bear Grylls in a can" for a good reason! It can do A LOT.

But when I started VSSL, I recognized that what I wanted for an expedition wasn’t necessarily the same as what others might need or want for their adventures. Each trip is unique, so local geography and weather conditions play a huge role in preparation. We might even differ on how to think of "preparedness.” A weekend trip to the cabin might mean making sure you grabbed a first aid kit. A week of camping, on the other hand, might mean that you need to remember a long list of essentials that you’d really regret forgetting at home.

As we designed our products, we tried to consider every scenario. That’s been a never-ending process as we create new Supply Tins for you. It’s also been the biggest source of fun. We want you to pack your VSSL the way you think is best. It's a process I absolutely love, because I get to think of all of the fun, creative, or critical ways that VSSL might help you in your journeys. I guess I'm weird that way, but I get a lot of satisfaction from making or finding something useful, and then discovering ways to distill it down to its smallest (but still utmost functional) size. Even if size isn’t that big of a concern, I love finding the right number of items for the intended activity. Why carry excess stuff, when you really just need the perfect amount?

That brings me to my big news—the next evolution of the Supply Tins. We’ve taken one huge step forward and combined these tins with their "compatriots" into a new collection that we're calling "SUPPLY PACKS” and just launched last week. Now, you can get bundles of Supply Tins that all serve a common purpose and use them to fill, reload, or repurpose your VSSL. It’s the best way to extend your adventures longer—and the functionality of your VSSL further.

I made VSSL as a tool for people to use; a simple way to effectively transport essential gear. The contents are supposed to be the most useful when you're away from home. (Except our VSSL Flask. We're seeing those getting busted out a lot at home these days.) All of our tins are designed to fit inside whatever VSSL you have. So, take a look at our new SUPPLY PACK collection, and you'll see how they’re perfectly tailored to a huge variety of outdoor activities.

We hope you'll enjoy this addition to the VSSL family as much as we enjoyed putting these together. We've never launched so many Supply Tins at once, so this is pretty exciting for us! You'll even see some pretty cool partnerships we'll expand on in the near future. I'll give you one spoiler: Forj Tape! When I first saw that amazing product, I just knew it had to be a part of the VSSL line up. The fine folks at Forj have helped make that happen. This stuff is incredible. In just seconds, you’ll have a repair tape that is as strong as steel.

Finally, and forgive me for getting a little sentimental, but one of the things I love most about working on these collections is the memories that come to mind. I get to thinking of somewhere I'd rather be, or something I'd rather be doing! I know unpacking our tins can spark a certain sense of nostalgia, like a memory of grandma's cookies :) It makes me think of one other thing—getting outdoors! We hope unpacking our Supply Tins inspires you to do the same.

Just don't forget, wherever your adventures take you, be prepared.

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