Start a campfire in any condition with Pyro Putty

Start a campfire in any condition with Pyro Putty

Human beings have been starting fires since the dawn of civilization. So, after all these years, you'd think we'd have that skill pretty much dialed in. In some ways, we do. At its most basic, a combustion engine is just harnessing the power of fire. All you have to do is turn the key in the ignition. But, as many of us have learned in the outdoors—and sometimes from really painful experiences—fire ignition can be elusive, and it’s often fleeting at the worst possible moment! That’s why we should rely on innovative materials and methods, like the ones we see from Pyro Putty. The best quick-igniting methods rely on tried-and-true principles. 

We noticed when Pyro Putty was beginning to pop up in the outdoor survival space, and we loved seeing a company that was willing to step out of the box to create an adaptation that could made our experiences outdoors simpler and easier. We love any invention that enables us to have more time to relax and enjoy ourselves at our campsites. We had to check out Pyro Putty. We've tested their material, and it's definitely innovative!

Pyro Putty’s ability to stick to kindling is unique. With its slightly sticky residue, the putty will easily bond to most flammable surfaces. It’s super helpful when you’re constructing a fire "nest" of tinder bundles and kindling (see here for steps on creating one). Just tear off a bit of the putty (usually about the size of a nickel), flatten it to the underside of your kindling, and then light it. The nickel-sized amount will burn for 6 to 10 minutes producing a 4- to 6-inch flame. What’s really amazing is that, because it adheres directly to your kindling, you're applying precious heat directly to the objects you want to ignite. So, it doesn't matter if the wind shifts or your nest moves around, because the putty will still do its job.

We looked for a way to partner with Pyro Putty, because we love companies that have the potential to enhance your VSSL and improve its function—and thus make your adventures more enjoyable. We're pretty stoked that we were able to pack enough Pyro Putty in a Supply Tin that can light numerous fires. It can ignite approximately 15 fires if you use nickel-sized pieces.

We hope you enjoy it!

Todd & the VSSL Crew


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