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Sometimes, a small addition can make a big impact. That’s why we’ve created the Essentials Collection — a selection of Everyday Carry kits that have small footprints and big capabilities in the outdoors.

Your Essential
Everyday Carry

Comprised of 4 different models that are made to assist you in repairing gear, being self-reliant, and navigating the outdoors, the Essentials Collection provides a curated selection of tools that encourage outdoor adventure and preparedness.


The Fix Kit is filled with repair necessities no one in the backcountry should be caught without — because stuff breaks out there. The Fix Kit contains one roll of trail marking tape (which can be used as first aid tape and repair tape for fabric products like jackets and tents), a tin filled with zip ties, and a Miscellaneous Gear tin — which contains functional basics like a sewing kit, whistle, and Gear Twists (reusable rubber twist ties). Altogether, it’s basically a MacGyver in a VSSL. And for added ease, the carabiner top easily clips to the outside of any pack.


The Ready Kit was designed to easily add less common (but critical) backcountry gear to your adventures, all in a handheld Mini VSSL. It might be hard to believe at first sight, but yeah, we fit a wire saw in a handheld canister. Plus more. The Ready Kit packs a wire saw, 8 feet of SurvivorCord™, a razor blade, and a 25-foot rope. Use it to build shelters, repair gear, navigate, shave kindling, and hang dry lines.


A minimalist carry kit equipped with the angling essentials and fire-building necessities for a DIY trout dinner.  Rooted in self-reliance, the Catch and Cook angling kit allows you to take on the (fun) challenge of sustaining yourself in the wild. Each kit includes a fishing tackle tin, a wire saw, and a fire striker kit. The tackle tin contains 15 pieces of fishing equipment, from rubber worms and hooks to 50 feet of 20lb line. The Wire Saw (with canvas strap handles) easily cuts larger pieces of wood to build a fire. Lastly, the Fire Striker tin contains cotton fire starting tabs, a ferro rod (which can spark even in wet conditions), and a striker made with a ceramic blade that doubles as a knife when needed.


This handheld adventure kit comes disguised as a 4-mode LED flashlight, which illuminates a large area for up to 40 hours of continuous flashlight operation. Additionally, each M.U.L. includes 1 roll of multipurpose adventure tape that can be used to repair gear, flag trails, and patch clothing; 2 bamboo clothes that can be used for hygiene or as fire starters and water filters; and 1 tin you can fill with whatever is essential to you (i.e., a compass, extra batteries, medication, first aid, etc).

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