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VSSL Gear is designed to fit into any emergency pack, and is packed full of essential survival items so you can focus on the adventure at hand.

VSSL First Aid

$81.00 $135.00

You never want to have to use a first aid kit....

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Build Your Own

Customize your VSSL to suit your adventure.

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VSSL Camp Supplies


Camp Supplies keeps critical survival gear at hand, incorporating everyday tools...

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VSSL Flask

$69.00 $115.00

More than just a flask. Contains two shot glasses and a...

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VSSL Camp Supplies Mini - Suunto Edition

$78.00 $130.00

Our all-in-one mini adventure kit upgraded with a Suunto compass.  ...

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VSSL CAMP Supplies Mini

$60.00 $100.00

We're thrilled to announce that after 2 years of R&D the...

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