Zak Shelhamer Reviews VSSL First Aid Mini

Zak Shelhamer Reviews VSSL First Aid Mini

Zak Shelhamer, a documentary film director for Outside TV, as well as an avid surfer, fly fisherman and woodworker living on the Oregon Coast. He's been putting his VSSL First Aid Mini to the test and sent us his review from the field.

Throughout the years I've had the opportunity to travel and surf in some of the most beautiful and exotic places in the world, capturing stories from the Oregon Coast, New Zealand, the Arabian Gulf Sea, Big Sur, and so many spots in between.


As exciting as it is to feel the pulse and rhythm of the ocean waves under my board with no one else nearby, and to experience nature at its wildest and most pristine, it can also be very tense. I have to constantly pay attention to how well prepared I am. As a film director, I have so many responsibilities and nothing is more important than the safety of my crew. When a helicopter drops you and your team off in the middle of the Russian wilderness, with nothing but a satellite phone and gear, having the proper equipment is paramount in case anything goes wrong.


That's why I pack the VSSL First Aid Mini with me wherever I go, in the glove box, in my surfing gear, or in my backpack. It has become an essential part of my outings, giving me peace of mind because I know I’m prepared. Being prepared and having the right tools is the difference between having a fun and well-executed experience outdoors, or constantly feeling tense and anxious.


I’d rather relax and have fun on my trips, so I depend on the First Aid Mini! This approach has made me more aware of just how important it is to have an essential safety kit with me whenever I leave home - whether that is halfway around the world or in a backyard adventure.

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