Surf Legend Raph Bruhwiler Reviews VSSL First Aid

Surf Legend Raph Bruhwiler Reviews VSSL First Aid


“Everywhere around the world I use this First Aid Kit, It’s always in my backpack.”

About Raph Bruhwiler:

Raph is an old school master of cold weather surfing and was Canada's best surfer for a couple of decades (he might still be!). He's traveled the world and conquered waves with the likes of Kelly Slater and Shane Dorian for years. But not only that, he's also a VSSL Voyager because he's extremely competent in the outdoors: hunting, fishing, hiking, and boating. To top it off, he's active duty Canadian Coast Guard. Needless to say, Raph’s a bad-ass, but more importantly, he's a class act.

Get your own VSSL FIRST AID Now! 

And check out this blog post about our 5 day adventure exploring remote regions of coastal Vancouver Island with Raph Bruhwiler.

Thinking about your next adventure when we all pull through these wild time? Check out Raph's wilderness surf expeditions here.



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