How to navigate with a compass

How to navigate with a compass



Nowadays navigation is so easy with the many electronic devices we have!


But what if those devices fail? Having some traditional navigation skills is key.

For our purposes, the VSSL compass is intended to be used ONLY if you know there is a substantial landmark, like a town, lake, road or river in a KNOWN direction from your current location. For example, I know there is a creek NE of me, and I know that if I hit the creek, it will lead me down to a lake that I'm familiar with.

A few key things to remember. Due to magnetic pull a compass always points North. Be careful that your compass isn't being affected by any metal you might have on you. Keep it away from phones, knives etc. And keep the compass flat when reading it. The needle (or compass card) sits on an axis point and the accuracy can be affected if tilted.

If you're lost, you should almost always stay in place and wait for rescue. But if there is no other choice and you have to get yourself out, use the compass to walk in a straight line AND if at all possible towards a known landmark. BUT otherwise, STAY.

VSSL Camp Supplies comes standard with a compass end-cap. In cold weather, we choose to get out with our upgraded Suunto version as it can function extremely well in temperatures below -20. We're super proud to partner with the world's best compass maker for a premium compass option for our VSSL Camp Supplies.

Knowing that you can trust whatever navigational aid you use is important for being able to get out there and enjoy the outdoor adventure you have planned. Always remember, be prepared for the conditions, and leave a trip plan with someone!


Todd Weimer, VSSL Founder


Each VSSL CAMP Supplies comes stock with a precision compass and can be upgraded to a Suunto KB-14. Learn more here.




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