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Always keep your VSSL on hand

Quickfist Clamps are the perfect companion for your VSSL. They fasten your VSSL securely to your adventure vehicle or boat cabin. That way you’ll always have the supplies you need at hand.


Made from transportation-grade rubber, these clamps have the heavy-duty strength required to withstand shocks from rough chop or rough roads. Getting to the jumping-off point for your adventure might require a few bumps along the way, but installing a Quickfist Clamp guarantees you’ll always be prepared.


Here’s how to ace your install:

  1. Find a 1-inch by 3.5-inch mounting area, preferably in an easy-to-access location.
  2. Mount the clamp using 2 one-fourth-inch bolts or screws (not included). Position the strap facing your preferred direction.
  3. Now, place your VSSL within the rubber jaws and secure it by placing the strap over the hooks. Adjust the strap as needed to get your desired tightness.
  4. Head out and be prepared wherever your adventure takes you!




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