A note from Todd

A note from Todd


To our VSSL community,

This is an amazing time for us to show the best side of humanity. I’m confident that we’ll come through this event as better people, knowing that when we focus on a common goal, we do the right things.

I tend to be pretty optimistic, and especially in a situation like this, I can’t help but focus on the overwhelmingly positive stories that I’m seeing and hearing. From businesses giving employees paid time off, to young folks waiting in long lines at grocery stores on behalf of senior citizens - there is an abundance of kindness, and it’s not at all hard to find. And if we can all think of others during a time like this, we’ll get through it a lot easier (and faster!).

In our community, I’ve been so surprised by how thoughtful and courteous everyone was being, especially during a stressful time like this. I know it’s easy to flip on the news and find the odd crazy story, but there’s also a lot of compassion and empathy being shared throughout the world.

So we have to buckle down for a couple of weeks, maybe a bit longer. It’s not a lot of time in the grand scheme of things.

I know I’ll be heading into our local backcountry more frequently. Partially because I’ll go stir crazy in self-quarantine if I don’t, but also because I’m fully aware of how getting outdoors can be an effective catharsis for stress. As long as it still complies with social distancing guidelines and you’re responsibly enjoying in your own backyard, I strongly encourage you to do the same!

And on a practical level, we realize that some of our VSSL preparedness tools are especially relevant right now. If you need to stock up on any VSSL products, www.vsslgear.com is still open for business, and we’ve decided to waive all shipping costs on any VSSL units for the foreseeable future.

Take care and remember to keep a positive attitude! We’ll be through this shortly.

Todd and the VSSL Crew




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