A Mom’s view of the VSSL First Aid

A Mom’s view of the VSSL First Aid


If you’re a parent, you know firsthand how important it is to be prepared. Parents who’ve ever forgotten the diapers, a coveted blankie, or a change of clothes know exactly what I am talking about! In my family, as my kids grew older, we started going on longer and larger adventures. Our mishaps grew along with us. Over the years, through tears and laughter, we have learned what happens when you pack only 4 sleeping bags for 5 people (Mom gets cold), forget someone’s rain jacket (Mom gets soaked), or when the last child jumps out of the car at the trail head only to discover they have no shoes (duct tape and diapers to the rescue!).

When VSSL approached us to try their First Aid kit, I was stoked. My belief in the importance of preparedness was instilled in me from my experiences as a mother of 4, outdoor loving kids. I also gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise from my work as a Search and Rescue Volunteer. In this capacity, I have seen far too often how being ill-prepared can result in dire consequences. Therefore, regardless the size of our adventure, we never leave home without our 10 essentials—which you will always have on hand, too, with the First Aid VSSL.

One of my favorite things about the VSSL products is how they cover multiple severity levels of the 10 essential adventure safety items with each kit. Their First Aid VSSL will cover you from bumps and cuts with the kiddos, to more serious accidents that will need one of the 46 items packed into their sleek, roll out design. The kit also comes complete with the essentials you need for navigation and lighting—the compass and LED lamp on each endcap on the ultra-durable, aluminum container!

With so many disruptions to our lifestyles and routines these days, connecting our kids with nature is becoming an even more important way to stay grounded and to preserve an optimistic, hopeful outlook on the future. Studies have shown how bringing kids into nature reduces their stress, improves immunity, and builds creativity and confidence, along with so many more benefits than I could list here! So, whether it be for an off-roading trip to a natural hot springs, or a hike up to a pristine mountain lake, be sure to add your First Aid VSSL to your pack this Mother’s Day. And so, from my family to yours, I hope your preparedness allows your memories to be focused on incredible, loving, and wonderful moments of the time you share together, exploring in this amazing world we live in.

- Roxanne
Mom, Adventurer and Search and Rescue volunteer

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