Kay Foye x VSSL - Wrapping Up

Kay Foye x VSSL - Wrapping Up


There are going to be a whole bunch of incredibly pumped folks out there when they get their Kay Foyes knives under the tree this year!

We were blown away by how fast these blades moved again. Our only wish was that we could talk Kay into making more!

The good news is, in the few years since we've known her - she has become a very well known and respected craftsman in the knife world. The bad news is, that makes her very busy. And the number of commission requests she receives makes it a challenge for her to put out knife sets like the one we just sold out of!

So if you managed to snag one, count yourself lucky .

Pictures don't do these knives justice!

And we love that Kay is fully willing to let us give a portion of her knife sales to an awesome cause in our community called Communitas. Communitas is near and dear to us as we partner with them to provide employment for youth with special needs. We truly hope we keep growing so that our contributions become more and more meaningful.

Working with Kay has been a blast as always, and here's to hoping we can maybe wrangle another set of incredibly beautiful blades out of her in the future!


Todd and the VSSL Crew 

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