Todd's Summer Build

Todd's Summer Build

To say we had a late start to summer would be an understatement. But we finally made it. Warm weather brings us Canadians (and other cold climate people) out of our homes and into the great outdoors.

I created VSSL to enable self-reliance in the outdoors. And for the summer, I like to be prepared with some of our top gear that helps insure I have what I need for when I head out into the woods.


Here is my build and why I selected each component:

Suunto Compass: It’s been an honor to work with this company and have them make us a world class compass. Knowing where you’re going can be really important if you go off the trail. People shouldn’t rely on cell phones and google maps! Here’s a link to some useful compass tips

First Aid Hike Essentials: There are some important first aid items in this tin. Most important this time of year is blister pads. It’s amazing how a couple heel blisters can ruin a trip. And with our weather not being that great, I’ll be trying to catch up on some much-needed hiking.

Fire Striker: The World’s Greatest Fire Starter J, but I might be biased (this one took me a looong time to develop!). But honestly, this little unit is the best. Obviously being able to build a fire is very important. We recently did a post on how to best use this tin: Todd's Tips Fire Striker

Zip Ties: Indispensable when you need them. So many uses and you’re always glad when you have them.

Rope & Razor Blade: High quality cordage often comes in very handy during excursions. We’ve included 25’ of 150lb breaking strength marine grade rope. And this tin also has a razor blade, quite handy if you lose or forget your knife. A razor is also very useful for shaving dry kindling to start a fire.

Wire Saw: This is one of my favorite tools. A wire saw can be used to help prep larger pieces of firewood, or build an emergency shelter. Here’s a useful way to turn a wire saw into a highly effective bow saw.

Adventure Tape: When I started VSSL I reached out to my medical contacts in the military, SAR and First Responder fields. I asked them what would be essential for first aid. And the one resounding item from all them was quality tape! So we source and manufacture our own!


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