Our Journey to Overland Expo 2019

Our Journey to Overland Expo 2019

Well, the dust has settled - literally! We just returned from the 10th annual Overland Expo. In true Flagstaff, AZ form, we experienced everything from sun, rain, wind and snow. Being that it's an outdoor venue and we camped there, the Flagstaff wind coated everything with dust, which we’ve just now shaken off. It was such an amazing show, and if you're at all into overlanding, it really is THE pinnacle event.

VSSL at Overland Expo

Every type of overland rig you can imagine makes it there; from @thejeepcalledyeti new Jeep build, @rivian and their soon to be released, first-ever electric overland vehicle, to the sweet @roambuilt fleet and all the accessories in between.

It was almost overwhelming but well worth the 3000 mile round trip for us to get there! We were super pumped when we got home to find out that Four Wheeler magazine had selected VSSL as a Top 10 product from the Expo! Check it out here!

Jarris Neufeld did the Cannonball run to get one of the VSSL Jeeps to the event and got us all set up for the show with local VSSL rep Jason Lawrence. But we took some time and Jarris and I meandered on the way back, checking out the Grand Canyon (jaw-dropping!), Page, AZ (Lake Powell area), a pit stop in Utah for the most northern In & Out Burger, topped with a speeding ticket and a flat tire.  

We capped the trip off with some camping and fly fishing on the legendary Owyhee River in Idaho. Such an amazing spot! I had brought down my fly fishing gear just for a couple of hours on this river. It's been on my list for a while, and it did not disappoint.

Fly fishing

The stars had aligned and we were able to meet up with VSSL Voyager Megan Hine who happened to be filming on location in Arizona. It's always awesome catching up with Megan and considering she lives in the UK and spends the bulk of her days traveling to remote places, the fact that we were driving right through where she was filming was pretty unreal. We borrowed some of Megan's time to capture a short video about her. We're trying to get a video of all our Voyagers this year, and because of the timing it looks like Megan's could be first. Stay tuned for that! The location she had found for us was pretty spectacular!

Hanging with Megan Hine

It's always great getting back to VSSL HQ, but I sure look forward to these amazing events and opportunities to travel! Every year more and more people are hearing about VSSL and getting on the road gives us the chance to see (outside of the digital world) that VSSL is gaining a lot of ground! It's super exciting.

Cheers to next year’s Overland Expo 2020 and all the miles between here and there!

Todd & the VSSL Crew

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