How to Caffeinate In The Wild - Episode 3

How to Caffeinate In The Wild - Episode 3

This is for the ones who don’t do single-serve portions. In this episode of How to Caffeinate in the Wild, Brandon Litun, founder of Smoking Gun Coffee, shows us how to perfect the French Press technique to deliver rich-tasting (read: strong as hell) coffee in the backcountry.

The French Press is one of the most popular and widely used brewing techniques, especially by those who love the outdoors. It is a very user-friendly brew method and a good way to make a larger quantity of coffee in one brew. There are many different styles that vary in make, material, and price - they'll all do the job! If making more than one cup, I suggest pouring the brewed coffee in a different serving vessel after plunging. Because it is a full immersion brew method, the coffee grounds will continue to extract while it sits, and your second cup will likely be like rocket fuel!

Brandon Litun is the founder and head roaster of Smoking Gun Coffee Roasters based in the Fraser Valley, BC. Brandon has been in the coffee industry for many years, working as a barista in cafés around western Canada, consulting with some of the best roasters and coffee leaders in the Pacific Northwest, and competing in several local festivals and events.


Brandon discovered roasting coffee to be an incredibly dynamic, sensory, and therapeutic process, and recklessly threw himself at it, eventually founding SG out of his garage as a side hustle in 2015. In winter 2019, SG partnered with a local brewery and launched its first production roastery with a focus on wholesale. This was quickly impacted by the pandemic that closed many businesses in spring 2020.

In an effort to pivot, SG quickly launched a "curbside café" which was warmly received by the community and provided an opportunity to develop the service side of the business. This momentum also resulted in SG signing a lease on a new brick and mortar café/roastery in Chilliwack BC (launching summer 2021). SG's goal is to craft exceptional coffee experiences, and to make the dynamic world of specialty coffee accessible to everyone. SG works hard to offer a range of coffees - from light and bright to dark and classic, including dope decaf!

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