Christmas Days of Kay

Christmas Days of Kay


Before I started making knives it was my time spent in the saddle that I learned the value of the most “primitive survival tool known to man”. As a Wrangler, resting my hand down on my right side became habit; a security check to make sure I still had my survival tool; my knife.

Much like my knives, VSSL’s kits are curated with extremely necessary survival tools; it only seemed fitting that the two be paired together for a thoughtfully considered gift for the adventurer in your life or for your own adventures in the wild.


When I started making knives, I often used materials that I had collected from the great outdoors for the handles. I’d come home from long rides in the backcountry with my saddle bags full of treasures that I had found on the trails all over the country along the way.

This Holiday, VSSL and I came together to design a collection of 12, one-of-a-kind knives inspired by the days full of adventure on horseback. These 6” Cowboy Blades are forged from vintage files and the handles are filled with items that remind me of the cowboy way. steer Horn, jeans, bison bone and buffalo horn are just a few of the many materials you will find captured in these handles.


It has been nothing short of an honor to work with such an amazing, homegrown company like VSSL. They have been a part of my personal legend to become a knife maker since the very beginning and I’ve been so inspired by their own collections of functional gear and adventure kits. What more would you want with you as you head out into the great outdoors.


  The first round of Kay Foye Ranch knives drops Dec 11th at 8am PST, so stay tuned!


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