Caffeine Routine – Ep 1

Caffeine Routine – Ep 1

We believe in the importance of a morning routine. We also believe (for us, anyway) that coffee is an essential part of a good morning routine. That’s why we’re taking an inside look at how some of our VSSL community members create their coffee-centric rituals and greet the day with our new video series, “Caffeine Routine.”

First up is VSSL founder, Todd Weimer. From his coffee roast of choice and preferred brewing method to the importance of creating routines, Todd walks us through his morning Caffeine Routine from his boat docked in Vancouver, BC.

Quality of life isn't always about the big things, but about the quantity of the micro moments of happiness. For me, making coffee on my boat is definitely one of those micro moments. I’ve found that, in the midst of chaos, routine becomes even more important. The morning (or afternoon) ritual of making coffee settles my mind, helps me focus, and gets me ready for whatever is next.

Starting the day with your coffee is a pretty important part. So you might as well make sure that’s something to set the day off right that you’re going to really enjoy. 

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