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When you need to conquer wild conditions, reach for VSSL – organized, compact outdoor essentials curated by survival experts.


Take everything from big excursions to everyday adventures with confidence knowing you have this First Aid Stash + Light by your side. Compact, nearly indestructible, and ready to be packed with essential supplies that can be tailored to your journey using the four aluminum storage refill tins. The built in 4-mode LED Lantern, inclusive of high, medium, red and SOS settings, makes it the ultimate adventure companion, no matter where you roam.

Build Your Own VSSL

The name “VSSL” (pron. vessel) means a container that holds items of importance to its owner. It implies that YOU choose what goes in it. Between 3 cylinder sizes, 6 colors, 12 end cap variations and 24 content options you literally have thousands of unique VSSLs that can be built for YOUR adventure.


Be prepared for whatever may come your way outside with the Camp Supplies II Kit. The water-resistant, indestructible military-grade aluminum cylinder paired with the oil-based compass cap and 4-mode LED Lantern illuminates a large area up to 20+ hours with continuous light. Packed with over 50 pieces of essential gear, this kit is the ultimate tool for outdoor preparedness so you can take on your adventure with confidence.


VSSL wasn’t created by marketing focus groups in some boardroom. It was invented by our founder, Todd Weimer, while he was growing up in Northern Canada. Todd and his best friend wanted to make packing and carrying their outdoor gear easier so they could prepare more quickly, and head out into the wild with confidence

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