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$29.25 $65.00

This handheld adventure kit comes disguised as a 4-mode LED flashlight,...

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VSSL Flask

$51.75 $115.00

More than just a flask. Contains two shot glasses and a...

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VSSL Camp Supplies

$72.50 $145.00

Camp Supplies keeps critical survival gear at hand, incorporating everyday tools...

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VSSL CAMP Supplies Mini

$45.00 $100.00

We're thrilled to announce that after 2 years of R&D the...

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VSSL First Aid Stash Mini

$22.50 $45.00

Ultra-compact and completely customizable for your adventure needs.

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VSSL First Aid Stash w/ Compass + Light

$40.00 $80.00

Stash in your backpack, glovebox, or drybag, taking only what you...

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VSSL First Aid Stash w/ Light

$35.00 $70.00

Keeps you on the move when the sun goes down. Keeps your...

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$33.75 $75.00

Basically a MacGyver in a VSSL. The Fix Kit contains one...

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$36.00 $80.00

The Ready Kit packs a wire saw, 8 feet of survival...

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VSSL Guard Supply Pack

$17.50 $35.00

Protect yourself from unwanted germs and virus contact.      ...

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