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Fix It

Ultimate repair kit

Mighty contents in a package small enough to make MacGyver proud. This Supply Pack has items that are essential for all kinds of field repairs. Heat and form the Forj Tape to create a material that’s stronger than steel, or use the rope, razor, zip ties, and adventure tape for repairs that require less muscle.



01 Forj Tape

Ultra strong tape holds over 1,000 lbs of tensile strength
  • Thermoplastic repair tape that fuses in seconds after heating
  • 12 feet included
  • Cut the piece, place it in warm water to form, and shape it as needed
  • Resistant to extreme cold
  • Lightweight, stronger than steel, tear-proof

Made for the wild
Put it to the test. Every VSSL cylinder is made with virtually indestructible, military grade aluminum that will stand up in the most rugged expeditions.
Take the stress out of repairs
When your gear breaks, we have the supplies you need to fix it fast. Your adventure should be fun, not a headache.