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VSSL Logo Tee

A campfire provides light and warmth, and heat for cooking. It can also serve as a beacon, and an insect and predator deterrent. It is a primary resource to make it through a night in the wild. Being arguably mankind's greatest discovery, we pay homage to one of the most powerful forces on earth with the VSSL brand logo. 

"Slim Fit" Supima® T-Shirts The world's finest t-shirt, period. Made of the ELS (Extra Long Staple) American SUPIMA® cotton grown in the Western US under strict organic and quality controlled guidelines, the hand and feel of this shirt is extraordinary. Like all of our products it comes with a tear away tag for complete customization which comes in handy for our bulk customers looking to screen print or embroider our products. This is our "Slim Fit" for those who are looking for a more fashionable cut that is slimed down through the body and slightly extended in length.

 SUPIMA® American Cotton Shirts Less than 1% of cotton grown worldwide is of the prized Pima ELS (extra long staple) variety used for luxury goods. Supima® is a portmanteau of Superior Pima and is tightly regulated and allocated, grown in the Western United States. This superior pima is the finest cotton grown anywhere in the world. The result is a softer, comfortable t-shirt than you can imagine.