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Compact Adventure Pack

When you’re concerned about exposure to yourself and others, the VSSL Guard Supply Pack helps protect you against unwanted germ and virus contact with facemasks, disposable medical gloves, and antiseptic wipes. And if you want an early method of detection of the severity of a suspected illness, use the disposable thermometers, they're far better (and more accurate) than the back of mom’s hand on your forehead!



01 Thermometer

When accuracy counts
  • 6 disposable thermometers
  • Oral or under armpit use
  • Made by NexTemp
  • Place under tongue, wait one minute, read results
  • Take the guesswork out of testing for fevers

Keep your guard up
Don’t let your defenses down. Emergencies can happen at any time, so your Supply Pack keeps you protected as you tend to an injury or illness.
Compact. Durable. Reliable.
Our signature VSSL design is made from virtually indestructible, military grade aluminum. All of your essential gear is perfectly organized and is easy to access.


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