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Secure your VSSL

Bumpy roads and rough wakes are no match for the Quickfist Clamp. This clamp absorbs the shocks so your VSSL stays safe and ready whenever you need it. It holds a working load of 50 lbs with a break-strength of 150 lbs. Mount it with 2 one-fourth-inch bolts or screws (not included). Just place your VSSL in the clamp, secure it tightly to close, and you’re ready to go. Stay prepared on the move.

Lifetime Warranty Lifetime Warranty LIFETIME WARRANTY
Open roads or open water
In your adventure vehicle or your boat cabin, your VSSL won’t budge with the Quickfist Clamp. All it needs is a 1-inch by 3.5-inch mounting area.
Stay safe, stay prepared
You never know when a storm might kick up. Secure your essential gear so everything stays organized no matter how choppy it gets. That means fewer headaches and more time for fun.


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