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VSSL x Ural Compact Flask

November 01, 2017


The summer of 1941 was a dark time for the Russian people. A mighty horde of invaders rumbled and clanked across the steppes sending up clouds of dust visible to the horizon and destroying everything in its path.

The world watched aghast, fully expecting the invaders to prevail. Yet, improbably, the Russians survived the onslaught and eventually conquered their enemy. How? With stoic determination, unwavering courage and a special genius for designing simple, rugged machines that tipped the scales on the battlefield. Machines like the T-34 tank and the Ural sidecar motorcycle.

Some 10,000 Urals went to the front, giving the Russian army an edge in speed, mobility, and surprise. The Urals were hard to break and easy to fix. They carried their two-man crews reliably across the war-torn terrain – from rutted, muddy roads to trackless forests to bomb-ravaged city streets.

Today’s Ural, the world’s greatest adventure-ready sidecar motorcycle, is a linear descendant of the bike that changed history. And VSSL is proud to partner with its maker, Ural Motorcycles, now based in Redmond, Washington.

Ural motorcycles are something of a throwback. Big, strong, simple bikes that dispense with plastic in favor of steel and aluminum, cruise along on a 749cc air-cooled engine, and offer one-of-a-kind, on-demand sidecar wheel drive that provides two wheels of power when things get really down and dirty. Urals are still made in the Siberian town of their origin, using best-in-class parts sourced from around the world.

VSSL shares Ural’s commitment to create rugged, utilitarian tools that foster adventure. Take, for example, VSSL Flask, an LED emergency flashlight made of military spec seamless anodized aluminum. Inside, where obsolete flashlights house their batteries, you’ll find a glass-lined flask ready to receive 10 oz. of your favorite social drink. The included pair of stainless steel collapsible shot glasses and bottle opener are perfect for making new friends and keeping the party going. There's even a built-in compass to help you find your way back to civilization – or home. With VSSL Flask you’ll be Geared for Life.

Adventure is best when shared, and nothing evokes on-the-road-bonhomie like a sidecar motorcycle. Just ask Indiana Jones and his dad. Or the Ural owners who have made thrilling buddy trips across frozen lakes, desert wastelands, snowy mountain passes or the streets of their hometown. So, get a Ural, toss a VSSL in the storage compartment, and pick a partner. Who will you ride with?