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VSSL + Suunto KB-14 Compass

November 10, 2017


The compass has played a vital role in human history for 2,000 years. While the Chinese invented it, the rest of the world jumped right in and, over the millennia, advanced and refined their era’s state-of-the-art navigation tech.

When he wasn’t scouring the skies for comets, Sir Edmund Halley in 1690 tinkered up the first water-filled compass, which reduced wobble and increased readability. Curiously, the liquid compass concept wasn’t perfected until the mid 20th century.

That's when Finnish company Suunto pulled Halley's gadget out of history's closet and got to work. In 1933, a surveyor named Tuomas Vohlonen perfected a lightweight compass filled with a petroleum distillate that dampened needle movement and protected it from wear. Thus was born the wrist-worn Suunto M-311, the paterfamilias of modern liquid-filled field compasses.

Always the leader in navigational tools, Suunto would go on to make those incredible adventure watches that, among other things, allow you to pinpoint your exact location and altitude (or depth) with exacting precision. How much precision? Enough for SEAL Team Six.

Suunto's mechanical compasses are similarly world- renowned for their reliability and accuracy, the result of Finnish craftsmanship overseen every step of the way by a production manager so revered that other compass makers will only whisper his name. That's why Suunto compasses have been carried and counted on by adventurers, explorers, and soldiers for almost 100 years.

Now, thanks to VSSL’s new partnership with Suunto, VSSL lovers can score a Finnish-made state-of-the-art Suunto adventure compass that’s been 300 years in the making.

This best-in-class instrument has a sapphire bearing and is globally balanced. Accurate to approximately ½ degree, the Suunto KB-14 will get you where you need to be, no matter how remote.

Add a Finnish-made Suunto KB-14 compass end cap to a VSSL Outdoor Utility Tool, with its rugged Canadian construction, and you’ve got a world-class piece of adventure gear. That’s the opinion of the prestigious German Design Awards, where the Suunto-fitted VSSL Mini Survival Cache recently won the Excellent Product Design Award in the Sports, Outdoor Activities and Leisure category. 



For a limited time, you can trade-in your current VSSL compass end cap for one that includes a Suunto KB-14 compass. Current VSSL owners can also take advantage of a 25% discount on a new VSSL Supplies featuring the Suunto KB-14.

Get yours now. It may have taken three centuries for Suunto and VSSL to get the KB-14 compass to you, but this deal won’t be around that long!