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VSSL Featured in Airstream Fall Gear Guide!

October 27, 2017

At VSSL we believe in creating authentic, high-quality products that enhance the owner’s outdoor experience. Airstream, maker of the legendary “silver bullet” travel trailers, shares those values. In fact, Airstream’s durable aluminum construction and cylindrical design were sources of inspiration as we developed the VSSL, which is made from seamless extruded military spec anodized aluminum.

So, we are honored as all get out that VSSL Supplies is one of a handful of adventure products included in Airstream’s Fall Gear Guide, a compendium of must-haves for those who know the joy of getting outside at every opportunity.

VSSL Supplies is an ironclad outdoor insurance policy. The triple-mode LED emergency flashlight is packed with 15 survival tools, including everything from a first aid kit to fishing gear to fire starters to rope to navigation aids. The VSSL’s compact size (9” x 2”) and lightweight (18 oz.) make it a breeze to carry and stow, whether you’re a day tripper, hardcore hiker or Airstream adventurer.

See what Airstream has to say about VSSL Supplies here. And, as you prepare for your next adventure, check out the full line of VSSL Outdoor Utility Tools.