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VSSL Explained

October 19, 2016

VSSL, Supplies, Flashlight, Survive, Be Prepared, Fish, Hunt, Camp, Hike, Emergency Kit, Survival Kit.


"Vessel". We like to joke around that we couldn't afford vowels. The truth is, we REALLY liked the meaning of the word; "A container to hold items of importance to the owner". Plus our founder is an avid sailor.

From a practical marketing perspective, VSSL could be trademarked and it makes it a lot easier to identify our products in a vast world of products.

Is the icon a campfire? A tent? Both? You decide.

Josh Vanderheide designed our logo. This dude's rad. He recently abandoned a lucrative corporate marketing career to start his own brewery, Fieldhouse. It's just down the road from VSSL HQ and it's where we go for many off-site meetings.