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Mizu x VSSL #mizumission

November 10, 2016

Recently we had the opportunity to get together with our friends at Mizu for what they deemed a #mizumission into the Wasatch Mountains in Utah. 

When Jussi called our own TJ Bottom to help plan the trip, he jumped at the opportunity to help identify, plan, and execute a few nights of good old fashioned brink-of-winter camping in his home town. 

We were super excited to put VSSL Supplies, Mini, and Flask to the test on this trip. TJ customized his Mini with a few tins of his choice (Fish Tackle, Rope/Razor, and Mini First Aid Kit). Much to our excitement, Jeremy and Jussi started immediatley using VSSL for exactly what it was intended for: Mending a minor foot wound, using the rope to tie their gear to their bags, starting fires, purifying water, and even attempting catching a trout in the waters of Lake Blanche

This was the ice-breaking trip for the VSSL Mini, and it shined (Literally)! Doubling as an indestructible, reliable kit with essential tools, as well as a reading light, conveniently clipping to the roof of the one man quarter dome tent. Even as the wind picked up pretty heavily before the team called it a night; the mini endured, the fire flourished, and despite many drops, blow-overs, ambers and ash, every VSSL withstood the conditions, unblemished.

Check out the interview between Jussi and Jeremy Jones here, and be sure to check out all the awesomeness VSSL is capable of by reviewing our goods here!