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Disasters don’t plan. But you can. Here's what you need to know.

September 19, 2017

Outdoor adventure comes with risk. You never know what might happen up the trail or around the river bend.

The same is true of daily life. The ho-hum of a routine day can be up-ended in a flash by a storm, man-made disaster or accident. You have to be prepared for any eventuality.

Now is the perfect time to reflect on this reality and invest some time in readying ourselves to make the best of whatever unexpected challenge might be headed our way. With hurricane season extending into November, winter storms around the corner and the unpredictability of natural disasters, you can never be too prepared.

Emergency preparedness experts agree that advance planning is crucial to surviving and making the best of any disaster. An effective plan should address how you and your family will receive emergency alerts; where you will shelter if home isn’t an option; possible evacuation routes; and how members of the family will communicate and regroup if trouble strikes while you are apart.

It’s not enough to imagine how you would handle possible scenarios and tuck your plan away in your mental back pocket. The plan should be developed and discussed with the entire family. And written down. And practiced.

Another key to effective preparation is assembling a survival kit – two actually. The first is a cache of supplies to sustain your family if you are able to stay in your home. This should include at least a three-day supply of food and water, personal hygiene and sanitation items, basic tools, first aid supplies and plastic sheeting to protect against contaminated air. For a complete emergency supplies list check out the Department of Homeland Security’s Ready.gov website. 

You’ll also want to build a mini-emergency kit, or “bug-out bag” for each member of the family. This mid-sized backpack should be stocked with survival gear to sustain its owner if you need to evacuate on a moment’s notice. Food, clothing, an emergency flashlight, first aid items, a multi-purpose tool, and personal hygiene supplies are a must. Your bag should also include spare keys and copies of IDs and other important documents stored in a secure, waterproof container, like a VSSL Cache.  Keep your bug-out bags intact (no borrowing a flashlight or pack of jerky!) and store them in an easily accessible place.

A VSSL, which combines a flood beam LED emergency flashlight with a rugged waterproof storage cylinder, will be the perfect way to stock your bug-out bag. Choose from VSSLs pre-stocked with first aid supplies, survival tools or a temporary shelter. Or stock it yourself with items to meet the needs of each family member. VSSLs have proven themselves in the most rugged wilderness conditions. Toss one in your bug-out bag and you’ll be Geared for Life, no matter what it brings your way.