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VSSL Flask - a glass infused aluminum cylinder?

November 03, 2015

It's true, the interior surface of our VSSL Flask is glass (Si02). Coming at you through the miracles of modern science.

The process that’s used to make this happen is called atomic-layer deposition, or ALD for short. It's a method of laying down the atoms required to make glass (Si02) in a highly-controlled way at the atomic level. This method is far superior to any coating process as the glass bonds to the interior surface at the molecular level and can't be broken or removed. 

What's truly amazing about this process is that it is being used on a high-end brand of squeezable water bottles in high volumes! The glass layer that’s deposited is really thin and flexible, so there is never any risk of it fracturing or detaching from its underlying surface. 

This method is patented worldwide and has been used in several other far more technical applications, including for the long term storage of pharmaceuticals where there is zero tolerance for any type of degradation or leaching. Despite the large amount of data provided to us, we've still done our own extraction analysis and the results were as expected. 

analysis samples 

[ extraction analysis samples ]

The upside of this process:

Glass (Si02) is BY FAR the most superior material for storing booze. 

The downside of this process:

It's expensive, and it adds an additional process and shipping step as the processing is done in California.

But we think it's worth it and we don't like the idea of anything affecting the taste of our booze...or our customer's.