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Shipping and Staff

December 11, 2014


Good News! It looks like we'll get some Kickstarter orders out before Christmas. Just prior to the end of our Kickstarter campaign, I hired a very capable guy, Nathan Bosch, to look after production.  He's done an incredible job of pulling it all together and I'm happy to say we'll start shipping some units out next week.  We aren't exactly sure how many orders we'll be able to get through, but we'll do our best.

For those of you whose Kickstarter was contingent on getting product for Christmas, we can't guarantee this will happen, so if you need to cancel your order, please email us at with your order number and we'll cancel for you.

If getting product in time for Christmas wasn't part of your buying decision, we'll be capturing pre-order funds starting next week, but still only as we ship orders. You'll get an email confirmation as soon as your order is processed.  



A few months ago I was approached by a community services group about utilizing their staffing program, which places people with intellectual disabilities in local businesses. I was initially reluctant. Above all, I need to ensure we minimize quality control issues during production. When I hired Nathan, we discussed this as an option and he was all over it. He has experience working with people with mental health issues, so (quite frankly) his comfort level was far greater than mine. Plus, Nathan has a really big heart so this is barely a stretch for him.

We're now into our third full week with this group and I have to say, it has been a very positive experience. The guys have been great to have around and the quality of their work exceeded our expectations. 

I was helping them assemble earlier today and I was struck by what a positive work environment they create. Aside from the fact that they are a happy group of guys, it's an incredibly grounding experience to evaluate my life (and stresses) in contrast to their circumstances. It's tough to get too bent out of shape with these guys around!

Check out their hard work (and our awesome warehouse):