Getting ready to launch our Kickstarter campaign! - VSSL Direct

Getting ready to launch our Kickstarter campaign!

August 11, 2014

Product development is nearly done and we're entering the waters of commercialization. We've been in the R&D stage for nearly 2 years and are finally comfortable with the quality of the components to go to speak. We don't really intend to let the world know about VSSL until September 22, 2014.  If you're seeing it before then, word is starting to leak out.

We decided to go the Kickstarter route very soon after we started product development. Working with so many vendors in many different parts of the world turned out to be a massive logistical challenge. We feel we've overcome most of them, but we won't know how well established and secure our supply chain is until we've processed a large batch of orders; that's where Kickstarter comes in. We're hoping that a successful campaign will give us enough orders to work out any kinks in our supply chain as well as help with the bulk pricing of certain components. To give you one example, the high quality LED lights alone cost us $23.97 (per piece) to manufacture in small quantities. Batches of 1000 (or more) cut that number down by more than half!

So for now, this site will give some select people an early preview and hopefully get them excited enough about our products to start spreading the word about our upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

We welcome any comments, feedback, or suggestions and we'll certainly take any words of encouragement :).